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Synthetic Putting Greens in Stafford, TX

Installing a practice putting green has countless benefits. If you’re an avid golfer it will change your game drastically, eliminating strokes approaching the green as well as putts placed on each green. However, you don’t have to be a pro golfer to appreciate the experience of owning your own artificial putting green at home. If you thought a BBQ brought the neighbors over, wait till you’re having weekly putting shoot outs with friends and family.

Nothing brings people closer than fun outdoor activities. Now that the fun of professional putting can be brought to your back doorstep everyone can enjoy the fun and challenge of a professional putting green. Synthetic outdoor putting greens can be as simple as a small poolside putting green, to massive scale re-creations of PGA tour putting greens including water hazards and sand traps. can design and build anything you desire, big, small, and anywhere in between. Powered by

DIY Putting Greens in Stafford, TX

If you’re thinking of tackling it yourself, an iPutting Greens “Do It Yourself” synthetic grass program may be the way for you. You provide the measurements and some photos and we’ll provide you step by step custom drawings with instructions. With our guidance, and your hard work, home owners and landscapers alike will succeed in the professional installation of putting greens, playgrounds, play areas, or lawns. iPutting Greens has developed an original “Do It Yourself” approach on how to build a putting green during our years as backyard putting green and artificial grass installers. We have had evaluated its effectiveness and shown proven results that have withstood the test of time. If you’re looking for tips & instructions on how to build commercial or home putting greens with synthetic grass product, you’ve come to the right place! iPutting Greens can supply everything you need to create your own one of a kind custom home putting green.

Installation of a backyard putting green can take approximately 3 days for the first 500 Square Feet + an additional day for every additional 300 Square Feet. Please know you should never attempt to build a putting green when the temperature is cooler than 50 degrees F. If you are looking for a professional installer of commercial or home putting greens, feel free to visit our home page or our contact us page and we can schedule you for a free installation estimate. Powered by

Synthetic Grass for Playgrounds in Stafford, TX

Playgrounds, stadiums, convention centers and golf courses around the world have used synthetic grass a multitude of reasons and purposes. You can certainly use synthetic grass for playground and it would actually be a more rational and beneficial move than trying to grow natural grass for a playground. There are many benefits of synthetic grass for playground. First, it would cost a fraction of what you have to invest to grow, care and maintain natural grass. Second, there is no stringent attending to the ground. Third, you can decide on the type of synthetic grass for playground based on the type of activity you have in mind, the traffic the grass would have to bear and the topography of the local area.

There are various types of synthetic grass for playground and you would find more than a fair few options which shall be ideal for your requirement. Synthetic grass for playground is safe for kids, adults, elderly and the pets. It is a perennial fixture. You wouldn’t see brown grass on certain months of the year and wouldn’t have grassless patches in certain months.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on watering the ground or on manicuring the grass. Powered by

Synthetic Grass for Dog Runs in Stafford, TX

Many homes and public places have synthetic grass for dog runs. It is much better to have synthetic grass for dog runs rather than making your beloved pet run on the streets, paved driveways, tiled floors or concrete parkways. Hard and very hard surfaces are not ideal for dog runs. Mushy grass or natural grass grounds are always too much of a problem. The dogs come back all dirty, with various spots, muddy or dust laden legs and natural grass is also prone to various types of debris that can pose a threat to your dog. Synthetic grass for dog runs is an ideal alternative. You can choose any type of synthetic grass for dog runs.

You can opt for a certain texture, a certain level of stiffness or softness and the synthetic grass for dog runs would be completely free of toxins, chemicals and would be noninflammable. Not only would the dog enjoy its run and come back all clean, hale and hearty but the synthetic grass for dog runs itself would be easier to clean and maintain than natural grass. Synthetic grass for dog runs can be installed anywhere, in your lawns, driveways, indoor areas or backyard. Powered by

Synthetic Grass for Lawns in Stafford, TX

Millions of homes and commercial properties across the world have been using synthetic grass for lawn for a long time. The lawn you marvel at in a club or the golf course that you have always loved to visit is most likely to have synthetic grass for lawn and not natural grass. Installing synthetic grass for lawn can help you attain the much desired landscape that any homeowner and commercial property owner would love to posses. There is no need to invest a dozen months or more to develop that lawn of your dreams. You do not need to hire lawn mower or become a grass manicure expert to keep your lawn in shape and looking well. You do not have to be worried about water stagnation, pest or insect infestation and any other hassles that come along naturally with natural grass lawns.

With synthetic grass for lawn, you can have the perfect yard, landscape, aesthetic setting and ambience that you want at your home or at your commercial property. Synthetic grass for lawn is affordable and it is phenomenally durable. Apart from saving money, you would also benefit from the enhanced curb appeal of your property. Powered by

Synthetic Grass for Sports in Stafford, TX

Almost any sport can greatly benefit from the use of our artificial turf solutions. Discover why most professional teams use modern synthetic playing surfaces. Safer playing, improved player performance, and unparalleled consistency are only a few of the major benefits clients can expect. Synthetic grass playing surfaces are great for schools, professional sports teams, churches, youth centers, neighborhood/city parks or even your seriously dedicated private athlete. The technology of artificial sports surfaces has grown dramatically in recent years. Our turf is specifically engineered to improve player performance while also improving safety at the same time. Every surface is finely tuned to provide the client with the playing characteristics they prefer. National Greens artificial turf can withstand significantly more use than natural grass and can therefore be used much more frequently.

This allows teams to practice and play more frequently as well as sports ground owners to generate more income from their facilities. Indoor field installations allow for year round practice and play on a surface matched to your outdoor competition surface. This gives your team true home playing advantage. Our field turf plays, looks, and wears better than natural grass. All while costing you dramatically less money to maintain than natural grass. Powered by

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