Ready to Install Putting Green Kits

Want an easy way to get your home putting green project started? Try’s pre cut, ready to install putting green kits. Simply select the design you prefer and we cut your putting green to order. has several pre cut putting green sizes and shapes to choose from. All you have to do is lay a crushed granite base, install your cups, then your turf, time to play! Contact us for your ready to install putting green kit today.

Terrace Greens: Here is where home putting greens start. Simple, small, and straight forward. That’s the idea behind the Terrace putting green line. Install it permanently or have it as a portable roll out putting green anywhere you want to practice.

Grand View Greens:
The Grand View putting green line doubles the putting green size and hole number you have to practice on. These putting greens work great both indoors and outdoors.

Tour Putt Greens: Tour Putt greens are larger in size for a practice green. You can practice 30’-40’ putts with these putting greens.  You can also add up to three holes for multiple practice angles. Tour Putt greens are great for regular golfers.

Country Club Greens: Now you’re putting! Country Club putting greens really emulate the size and style of many smaller club putting greens. These putting greens provide great practice for aspiring golfers. The Country Club series can accommodate up to four holes.

Grand Plains Greens:  Want to go big time? Here is your putting green. The Grand Plains series offers large putting areas and the ability to add complex undulation to truly replicate a golf course putting green. These putting greens are also large enough to start accepting long chip shots.

Mountain View Greens: Mountain View putting greens can accept massive chip shots when used with sand filled turfs. These greens can offer the complete range of putting and chipping practice needs for golfing professionals and amateurs alike. Change your game with a Mountain View putting green.

Tour Master Greens: Become a tour master! The Tour Master putting green line is designed to give individuals PGA tour sized greens on their own property. These putting greens will accept PGA Tour length chips when used with sand filled turfs. If you’re a professional golfer the Tour Master greens will provide you with the exact training facilities needed to shave valuable stroke from your golf game.

PGA Tour Replica Putting Green Kits: Have a favorite PGA tour green? We can create a custom kit replicating any PGA Tour putting green. Same size, same shape, same ball play. Imaging walking outside and practicing on your very own “Nandina”.  The 17th hole of Augusta National Golf Club. These putting greens are great for both individuals and professional golf clubs. Bring the PGA tour to your backyard!

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