Why Opt For Putting Green Or Synthetic Grass

Green landscapes are a favorite among all and sundry. Green lawns, lush green surroundings of a house, office or a resort and any kind of green ambiance look amazingly attractive. Putting green is normally associated with golf courses where the synthetic grass makes for an ideal turf but there are many other ways of using putting green or synthetic grass.

While how you wish to use them would be certainly subject to your imagination, here we would look at why you should opt for putting green instead of natural grass.


You may wish to have a green lawn or some areas of your home or office premise decked up with natural grass but the primary question is how exactly you would be growing the natural grass on the designated areas. Growing natural grass is not an easy exercise. Even some experienced lawn enthusiasts or landscape designers struggle to get the desirable results. But, irrespective of the results, growing natural grass is far from being an affordable investment.

Grass is known to grow in abundance in nature but unfortunately, when one looks at urban cities or even semi urban cities where there have been substantial housing developments the natural grass doesn’t grow as easily. Thus, you have to spend heftily to have your desired lawn of landscaping. Putting green is extremely affordable in comparison to that.


One of the most fascinating advantages of putting green of synthetic grass is that you can carry them along with you anywhere you feel like. They are portable and light to carry. If you wish to carry your lawn to another setting or put up a small golf strip in the middle of your drive way to entertain guests or if there is a need of a putting green at any event, everything is possible with synthetic grass and these are impossible to accomplish with normal natural grass.

Better Aesthetics

Putting green or synthetic grass comes in various shades and quality. You can choose the desired quality of putting green that suits your setting or satiates your desire. The kind of aesthetics you can get with putting green or a synthetic lawn cannot be attained by natural grass. Natural grass is prone to changes of weather, characteristics of the soil and water content. A synthetic lawn is not dependent on any such factor. We also offer custom design putting green for your project.

Easier Handling

Putting green is much easier to handle. Being portable, easier to maintain and being light and more robust, synthetic grass is easily the more convenient choice.

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