Throw an Old Tyme Golf Themed Party

Most people will never be able to break 80 let alone 90 or 100 on our favorite golf course. That does not stop people from investing all the latest golf aids to improve our scores. People will even install a putting green in the hopes it will improve their score. In the end that green may not help with your game, but with a little imagination, you have the setting for a fantastic party for adults and kids, an old tyme golf themed party.

First you need to invite your guests. Send out themed invites (use a scorecard) with all the information inside. Make sure you tell your potential guest if they need to bring their own equipment like balls and putters. Because this is an old tyme themed contest, encourage your guest to show up in old style golf attire. Argyle socks and vests are a must, as well as a golf cap and golf knickers if you want your guests to look their best on your putting green.

The date has been chosen, and guests are starting to RSVP. Now you need to give your home a golf club feel. The d├ęcor depends may depend on whom the party is for. Children (and probably some adults) will probably respond to something with more of a nonsensical feel. Inflatable palm trees, leis, silly golfing posters, and anything bright and fun will work.

Have adults serve as caddies for the little ones. Speaking of adults (or big children, if you prefer) try a country club setting. Break out the fancy tablecloth, and good china. Above all else, try and ensure a fun, relaxed atmosphere. Offer fun prizes. Lowest score, best putting form, and best dressed are just a few examples of categories where you can award a prize.

A party can be made or broken by the food you serve. Children will be happy with anything you provide; party standards include pizza, hot dogs and hamburgers, ice cream, and of course, cake. Adults may be more difficult. Dishes need not be elaborate or expensive to impress. A party focused on standing around the green, you should focus on lighter fare and finger foods. Salads made with fresh ingredients, shrimp kabobs, baked potato skins, deviled eggs, and even mini snack pizzas.

Chances are, your putting green will be the launching pad for your pro career or the site a memorable party. You can still dream, right?

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