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Every golf enthusiast would enjoy having their own practice putting green at home. What many do not realize is the ease with which this dream could become a reality. It is entirely possible with the purchase of a kit from to install one a putting green one’s self. The process is actually quiet simple and entirely possible as a DIY project at home. Imagine the hours of enjoyment that can come from having twenty four seven access to one’s own practice putting green?

The process starts by choosing the shape of the desired putting green to purchase the correct kit. The options range from quite simple and basic to very elaborate. It is a matter of taste and budget that will determine which of the putting green options that eventually takes its proud place in the yard. Once the shape has been decided it is time to place the order so that the company can begin creating the kit for the custom.

The customer then must prepare the area for the kit’s instillation. This means the ground must be leveled and or graded appropriately for the chosen putting green shape. There needs to be a bed of crushed granite laid down over the prepared ground. This process is explained in the directions, of course, so it is important to follow them correctly. This is a critical step in the process of having things turn out just right.

Once the crushed granite is laid down correctly simply instal the cups in their proper place as directed by the putting green kit directions. Once again correct measuring is important to make sure that the cup or cups have been placed in the correct place for the shape and style of the desired putting green. While the process is fairly simple it is important to pay attention to the detail so that the most enjoyment possible can be gained from finished putting green.

The next step is the exciting one. This is where the prepared area begins to look like the putting green and becomes usable! Laying down the turf brings the kit to life. Make sure to take the time to insure that the turf is laid down correctly according to the included directions of the kit. Once this step has been done the putting green is ready for the first of many uses by the proud new owner. Not only will one have a wonderful putting green to enjoy any time that they wish but they will have the pride of having installed it themselves.

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