Reliable Synthetic Putting Green

PGA players the world over have great things to say about artificial, eco-friendly turf when compared to natural grass. If there’s one thing that golfers like (other than low stroke counts) is consistency and that is something that a synthetic putting green can offer. Stroke after stroke, an artificial turf will perform the same way, allowing professional and novice golfers alike to trust in their skills rather than small variations in the grass growth.

As the owner and maintainer of a golf course or putting practice green of any size, the chance to save on water usage and maintenance labor is sure to be an advantage. While there is an investment up front to install a synthetic putting green, the payoff in lower costs to caring for your news lawn start to add up right away. No more mowing, no more watering, no more trimming then green carefully. A quality turf lawn will always perfectly adhere to specifications and never grow out of them.

Golf is a sport of precision and confidence, led by the levelheaded PGA champions that we all know and love. In drought or excess rain, it’s good to know that an artificial putting green will never wilt or flood. Reliable in a way that a living grass lawn never could be, artificial turf will never show signs of dry weather or excessive, unpredictable growth. Grass is organic and ever changing, providing constant challenges and changes that many pros just don’t want to have to face when they play.

PGA players love to know what they’re walking into. Some of the best express their preference for quality synthetic turf and putting green areas for practice and play. Given the choice, most will want to play on a course that features synthetic lawns. So why don’t you? Golfers of all levels, from novice to professional, express a strong preference for a green that’s consistent and reliable in all weather and every season.

With a durability that can’t be matched, synthetic lawns meet and exceed the industry standard for quality and good looks with every installation. The 100% recyclable rubber fiber will last years and years without shrinking or fading in any way, giving you a lawn you can believe in all throughout the year. This artificial grass is both children and pet friendly while also making an excellent material for a quality putting green indoors, outdoors, or wherever you want to play.

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