Putting Green Grass Types

A putting green is normally a sanctuary for golfers where they can hone their skills and develop their craft. The look of a putting green is stunning, but few people are aware of the different types of putting green grass that are commonly used. Professional landscapers at golf courses use a variety of putting green grass types at different locations.

The factors that determine the type of grass used varies, but they are commonly climate, temperature, sunlight and soil conditions. In order for putting greens to look appealing they require maintenance and proper techniques to ensure that growth is consistent. The two most popular types of putting green grass are Bentgrass and Bermuda, but there are other types that are becoming increasingly popular.

Bentgrass is a commonly seen putting green grass that is used in combination with Bermuda seeds or on its own. This type of putting green grass is resistant enough to withstand extreme conditions and is commonly used in climates that experience cold winters. This type of putting green grass requires optimal soil that is made of both organic materials and sand. This combination will allow for proper propagation. This type of putting green grass will last longer and grow fuller if planted during the fall months.

Therefore, if this type of putting green grass is plated during the spring it will not have adequate time to grow before the busy golfing summer months. This type of grass is often described as high maintenance, but most golf courses use this putting green grass due to its durability and look. This putting grass is of the highest quality and also has the highest demand.

The other popular type of putting green grass is Bermuda grass. This putting green grass is gaining popularity, because it requires much less maintenance than Bentgrass. However, this putting green grass still looks adequate without the work or price tag associated with Bentgrass.

The one disadvantage of this putting green grass type is that it grows best in warm climates. Therefore, cold climates require its counterpart for optimal putting green use. With this type of putting green grass it is highly recommended that it is mowed within the first week of growth to spread the grass and yield a fully flourished putting green quickly. The other types of putting green grass are Zoysia and Ryegrass, but they are less manageable and subsequently less common. The next time you venture to the putting green take notice of the grass type.



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