Portable Turf

If you are looking for a turf, whether to use it for mini golf, or as a playground for various sports, consider looking to buy a portable turf. Portable turfs are generally smaller in size and can be taken anywhere and easily transported depending on their size. These artificial turfs are designed to meet your various needs for a turf and will generally last you for a long time. For these reasons, it is important that you buy a durable good quality portable turf.

How to choose artificial turf?

If you are looking to buy a portable turf, you will find it is only artificial and it is most suitable to use indoors. However, keep in mind that you can actually transport those turfs to any place you want. Generally, they are made out of polypropylene or nylon and sometimes a mix of those fibers that are all joined together to form a heavy durable layer.

Some considerations to have in mind when choosing a portable turf include:

Amount of traffic and how often it will be used: since you are buying the artificial turfs as a long-term investment and expecting them to last for a long time, consider how often they will be used and make your purchase accordingly. For example, you will not need to buy a turf designed for high traffic which will generally be more expensive if you know that it will not be exposed to a lot of traffic.

Price: do your preliminary research and get an idea of the prices of artificial turfs out there. Make sure to consider the price in comparison to the value you will be getting. Depending on the size, buying an artificial turf can be expensive, so make sure you know your options.

Weather: this generally is not a problem for portable turfs since they are mostly designed to use indoors, however, keep that in mind and avoid using in the outdoors since this could actually damage them.

Nylon or polypropylene: both types of material have advantages and disadvantages when it comes to artificial turfs. Keep in mind that nylon is more durable, and is less susceptible to mold, while turfs made out of polypropylene gives a more natural appearance.

When buying a portable turf, make sure you understand your primary objectives as it will help you make an informed decision that will give you the most satisfying results.

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