Many Uses Of Putting Green

Putting green made of artificial grass has become synonymous with golf courses. Most clubs, hotels and resorts are opting for putting green as the synthetic grass is much more cost effective and very convenient to maintain relative to natural grass. However, what many may not know of is the many uses of putting green that can make a huge difference to any establishment.

Golf Turf

While golf courses do use putting green of artificial grass extensively, synthetic grass is also ideal for golf strips or small golf turfs. You may have noticed these small golf strips being used at events, hotels, in offices and gaming zones. In these areas, it is almost impossible to create or make a golf course of any kind. Thus, putting green is the only alternative. Natural grass cannot be just grown for a temporary period to attain a timely result which will only have one or a few specific uses. Artificial grass is naturally the alternative which also appears to be a better choice.


You may want a lawn in your backyard or somewhere on your premises, commercial and office buildings may need lawns and the hospitality industry certainly needs to have such features on their property. Putting green can make the perfect lawn. Although it is an artificial lawn still it can be a much better one than a natural lawn. Without any concern about the weather, the unevenness of the grass or the costs that are involved in creating and maintaining a natural lawn, putting green is a perfect choice.


Landscaping has become as integral to a property as other fixtures such as the garage, driveway and the likes. A home can get a much better appreciation with an attractive landscaping and commercial properties would have to maintain a landscape that remains appealing throughout the year. Putting green of artificial grass can be used for any kind of landscaping. Whether it is to be used as the base for any setting or as an embellishment on a certain floor area, putting green can be used in many ways to get any desired effect.


Many homeowners and commercial property managers have started using putting green as sidewalks. The artificial grass is being used for sidewalks along driveways, jogging tracks as well as in gyms and other areas. Clearly, there are many more uses of putting green than just being integral to golf courses.

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