How To Choose The Best Artificial Turf

There are several benefits of opting for putting green instead of a natural lawn or a landscape made of natural grass. Putting green is also multi-utilitarian which makes it even more desirable. However, if you do not manage to buy portable turf of impeccable quality then you would certainly be disappointed and your investment will not be worthwhile. Once you decide that you would be opting for putting green, the question that you would be faced with is how to choose artificial turf.

Here is a quick guide that will impart to you a few attributes of putting green and also a few tips on how to choose the best artificial turf.

What Are Your Requirements?

First, you must know your requirements. What is the size of the space where you wish to place your putting green? Would you buy portable turf or a fixed artificial turf? Would you place it outdoors or indoors? What is the purpose of the artificial turf – landscaping, lawn, kid’s play area or a mini golf course? It could also be to enhance the curb appeal of your home.

Your requirements will define the kind of artificial turf you would need. A good putting green company will have all types of artificial turf for myriad purposes. You can choose the size of the portable turf or fixed artificial turf. You can decide on the height of the synthetic grass. You can choose the shape, size and any specific design that you may desire to have. You can also choose the density and texture of the artificial grass.

All such attributes are ideal for some situation or the other. Your answer to the questions on requirements will determine what type of artificial turf would suit you the best.

Desirable Attributes

You should not buy portable turf of the same size, attributes and cost as your neighbor has done. You must choose the attributes based on your preference and requirements else your investment can be a futile venture.

Consider the foot traffic that your artificial turf would be subjected to as that will determine how sturdy the artificial grass must be. Check the site where you wish to place the putting green and ask the company if a particular portable turf would be ideal for that site. Putting green is always pretreated. They are free of allergens, have a good drainage system in place and are also often coated with specific materials for weather protection. You should ensure that your artificial turf has been subjected to such pretreatments.

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