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As Winston Churchill one said, “Golf is a game whose aim is to hit a very small ball into an even smaller hole, with weapons singularly ill-designed for the purpose.” For this reason, the old adage practice makes perfect is particularly well suited for the sport.

Hitting a straight shot is only matched with the difficulty involved in finishing the job – draining that last putt. People like to practice on the links, of course, but also everywhere from their home to the office, sometimes just using a cup, golf ball and a putter! Putting greens, both professionally installed and do-it-yourself versions have been a popular feature for many people’s property, especially avid golfers who cannot seem to get enough of the sport while at the golf course!

A putting green evokes an image of a simple round or ovular green surface, made of natural grass or artificial turf, with a hole and a flag somewhere near the middle. This is just the simplest of putting greens, and even private individuals in their homes or on their property have taken the putting green to an entirely different level of sophistication.

With the World Wide Web at everyone’s fingertips, individuals can find the products and expertise they need to construct a putting green of their own. The limits are nearly endless, as everything from simple instructions and supplies, to complicated designs featuring inclines, bumps, and carefully planned challenging slopes can be found online and incorporated into the putting green.

No longer is the putting green a simple flat circle which offers little challenge to an experienced golfer! Now even the most skilled golfers can construct a putting green, or have one installed, that can challenge even their skillset. One of the reasons for this is that the engineering of putting greens has improved dramatically over recent years, making the physics of the green more natural and interesting than ever.

Furthermore, improvements in pre-fabrication designs and engineering involved in the construction of the putting green structure and turf have resulted in the ready supply of putting greens to fit many budgets and preferences. Everything from small simple putting greens to complicated, intense versions can now be purchased easily online, or alternatively, easily constructed. Don’t let being away from the links stand in your way of enjoying the satisfaction of draining that difficult putt! Your golf game will also thank you!


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