Durable Putting Green For Your Backyard

iPuttingGreen is proud to offer the very best artificial grass on the market for indoor or outdoor golfing or just for the proud homeowner. Offering the lush look and feel of a real grass lawn with the exceptional durability of top-grade synthetic fibers, nothing will ever look better or last longer than one of our versatile putting green installations.

Our carefully crafted synthetic putting green is the newest generation of grass product; it’s so realistic you may not be able to tell it from your real lawn. It’s both durable and soft in a way that you never though possible for synthetic grass, or maybe even for the real thing. It’s low-maintenance like a real lawn could never be, plus it’s so easy to clean and sanitize.

Make sure you check our putting green turf types. 

Not only are iPuttingGreen installations beautiful, but they’re incredibly sturdy. Our artificial grass resists sun damage and wear from the sun’s harmful UV rays as well from the beatings of severe weather. It’s tested to withstand heavy foot traffic and resist general wear and tear for years of tough but beautiful life. We’re so confident in it, we offer our customers an 8 year warranty against fading and workmanship.

Did you know that our synthetic sod has a life expectancy of 20 years? Because it’s made from tough polyethylene and nylon fibers for long lasting durability, and backed with latex or polyurethane to stability and proper drainage, it’s really built to last. For as long as you want a beautiful lawn that’s easy to care for, our putting green will be there for you.

More than just distributing a sturdy and reliable product, we work to ensure your safety, too. It’s important to us to create this lead free synthetic product with no harmful chemicals or metals. We only use a food grade elastomer in the fiber coating process to keep family and pets safe and healthy. The fibers are also non-flammable and small melted spots can be easily trimmed and hidden.

In the long run, our durable green will save you the time and trouble of lawn maintenance as well as the cost of watering grass. Once it’s installed by one of our skilled contractors, the artificial grass will stay soft and beautiful for years with no fuss on your part. Once you purchase an iPuttingGreen for your property, the only question you’ll have left is why you didn’t do it sooner.

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