Different Types of Putting Green

There are several types of putting green that are commonly used in backyards, lawns, tennis courts and golf courses. Whether you wish to have a small turf of putting green within your property premises or wish to have one in a club, ranch or semiprofessional golf course, there are many choices at hand. The most common types of putting green are made from artificial grass, bent grass, Bermuda grass and a few others such as rye grass and St. Augustine grass.

Here we shall take a look at the pros and cons of using various types of putting green including that of artificial grass. Make sure you check our ready-to-install putting green kits.

Bent grass grows well in cool climates and they are an ideal choice in cities and states that are exposed to cold winters. However, the amount of maintenance that bent grass demands makes it a toilsome choice for putting green. Right from the time of planting the bent grass seeds or the mixtures that may include seeds of others grasses one has to attend to the growing of bent grass regularly.

Several fertilizers and pesticides have to be used at various stages and the whole effort can be exhaustive for anyone, not to let aside the fact that bent grass does incur pretty hefty investments as well. Awareness of local climates and use of chemicals are also necessary to attend to bent grass putting green as every exercise including pest control, watering or mowing needs expertise.

Bermuda grass relatively requires less maintenance than bent grass but it doesn’t offer as good a texture as the latter. It is not ideal for cold climates, which restricts its usage in northern states. Even in the warmer regions in the south, a hybrid is mostly used to get the desired texture and growth. Owing to the different types of hybrids that Bermuda grass is normally known for, one requires extensive knowledge to make or maintain this type of putting green.

Putting green made of artificial grass is not dependent on weather, expertise of the owner and doesn’t demand a hectic and tiresome maintenance strategy. It can be used anywhere and with the minimum amount of fuss. It is not as expensive as Zoysia grass and has much better texture than St Augustine grass or rye grass, even in comparison with bent grass and Bermuda grass, any artificial grass putting green requires minimal maintenance and definitely not the fertilizers or pesticides.


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