Desirable Attributes Of Any Artificial Grass Putting Green

Normally, anyone would have a specific set of preferences while buying putting green made of artificial grass. Some may choose the natural colors while many may love the custom colors that add a touch of vibrancy and difference.

The style, design, size and the texture or quality of the artificial grass in putting green would also be subject to your personal preference and albeit on your budget. However, there are some attributes which are considered to be the standards by the experts and they should be an integral part of any putting green that is desirable.

The artificial grass of putting green must have been subjected to testing for their UV stability and to understand its durability against wear and tear. Resistance testing is one of the primary processes that any putting green must be subjected through. Some companies conduct heat, temperature, lead and gmax rating tests as well. Prior to buying a putting green, you must look at the results of these tests that a brand should make available for you.

Any putting green of artificial grass should come with a substantial warranty. The warranty should typically include workmanship and any fading or similar untoward consequences. There should also be a long life expectancy. Putting green must be robust against normal use and weather extremes.

The normal materials used for any putting green of artificial grass are polyethylene, nylon, latex and polyurethane. If you hear of some other materials being used from a company then you must research further as to ascertain whether or not they are desirable.

A putting green of artificial grass technically doesn’t have any distinctive classification as to where it can be used or by whom. Any good quality putting green should be usable at homes, landscapes, at professional sites or as artificial turfs.

Some putting green variants come with a natural drainage system whereas quite a few models or variants do not. You must enquire as to what specific arrangements you may have to put in place to ensure that any water or liquid accumulation gets drained off.

Normally, the artificial grass of a putting green can be cleaned of any debris by using a leaf blower or lawn cum yard vacuum. You must reconfirm if that would be effective.

Lastly, the artificial grass of any putting green should be child friendly, pet friendly and be void of any materials that can be flammable or allergenic.


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