Buying Artificial Turf Adds Fun and Value

If you love golf and would enjoy being able to practice, play and relieve stress right in the comfort of your own yard/home or you’re looking to provide high-quality, easy access to putting greens, now is the time to buy portable turf. Not everyone has the time to pack up their clubs, clear their day and schedule some time on the golf course. With your own synthetic grass in your yard or business, you not only invest in the pastime you love- you invest in the future.

Anyone can enjoy having artificial turf. Business owners, landscapers, homeowners and builders can all buy or offer synthetic turf to their customers.

When you have your own putting green to enjoy or provide to others, you can rest easy that you’ve made a long-term investment. The fibers of synthetic putting greens are resistant to the destructive effects brought about by weather, including sun, wind and precipitation.

Your new synthetic greens are made from nylon yarns and polyethylene with the backing being made from latex and polyurethane. These putting greens have been tested for endurance, resistance and durability. When you buy your green synthetic grass, check to make sure your dealer offers a warranty. offers an eight-year limited warranty for workmanship and against fading.

People pay thousands of dollars every year to have their home professionally landscaped. When you buy portable turf and have it installed, it’s an even greater investment than temporary landscaping. The value of a home with synthetic sod increases in value and you won’t have to worry about constant lawn maintenance. You won’t be cutting your new greens and it will save you money on water without having to turn on the sprinkler during dry spells.

Your home value benefits are far from temporary. The average life expectancy of green synthetic sod can be as much as twenty-years!

If you’re afraid the artificial grass will resemble patio carpet, there’s no need to. The best artificial grass products are often difficult to tell apart from real grass! The sod is soft yet it remains durable and is often made to handle proper drainage.

You might be concerned about your pets and chemicals in your artificial putting greens. If you check with the manufacturer, they should be able to provide you with a list of what was used to make the turf. has turf that is pet-friendly!

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