Building Your Own Putting Green

If you like golf and putt-putt enough, the idea of having your own course in your backyard may sound like a dream. But you can build your own putting green for less money than you think and you can do it yourself. All you will need are the right materials to build a professional looking putting green at home.

The first step to building your own putting green begins with having the right materials. Making sure that you are using the proper grass is priority number one. Your putting green will not play well if the grass is too long or is not durable against weather. There are dozens and dozens of companies online that sell putting green. offers its customers the choice of installing their putting green themselves with specialist consultants that they provide, or paying for the complete installation by the installers at iPutting Green.

One reason to try to install your backyard putting green yourself is that you can save up to 70% of the costs that a professional install would be. Not only that, some putting green installation companies like iPutting Green will provide you with custom instructions for installing the putting green in your specific backyard and they will sell you all of the materials that you need at a discounted price. Having the professionals put together your installation plan and materials ensures that you will have everything you need before you begin the project.

Also, before you decide to spend money on a professional style putting green in your backyard, be realistic about the space available for your setup. If space is limited in your backyard, you may want to go for a smaller installation, like a practice green. You can have a lot of fun practicing your putt, but you won’t have the full putt-putt course that you may have dreamed of, however, having your backyard cramped up with a course that’s too big for the space is probably worse.

But the real plus to building your own putting green is that you really don’t need too many materials to do it. You don’t even really have to have a lot of installation experience. If you have a professional company that helps you to pick out the right grass to use, you’ll mostly only need a shovel, some cement, gravel, sand and cutting tools to install your own putting green.

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